The Process

We pride ourselves on word of mouth business, and are always happy to provide references of our happy clientele.  Often people find us at the home and through the auspices of an existing client, sometimes through an organization we’re involved with that has nothing to do with landscape, or a referral from one of the many fine nurseries and material providers we deal with. In any case we get a call or an email or a handshake or a hug and the process begins.


Step One - the intro

Always the first step is to meet in person at the site of the proposed project and discuss goals and desired outcomes. Sometimes we simply plant trees, and in that case we’ll bring the tree along!

Meeting on site and discussing your goals is the best way to establish the scope of the project. Many projects are small or self-defined, “we need to rebuild this lawn”, “reset this walkway”, “build a patio exactly here”. Often in these cases we can give a price and an idea of what the job timeline will look like right on the spot. Sometimes the project doesn’t rise to the level of needing a fully accomplished design but will require some time to price as we need to track down specific products or arrange for delivery of materials, yet a simple estimate can be had in a short period of time.


step two - The Plan

Complex projects involving multiple phases, carefully laid out gardens of herbaceous material, complex suites of woody plants and or extensive stonework may require an involved plan. If you fall into this category a scope of design will be defined and a contract drawn up specific to your site. As all of this takes time and a formidable body of knowledge there is a charge specific to your plans. Experience tells me this up-front cost more than pays for itself in saved headaches and monetary expenses later, not to mention a more harmonious completed project some months or even years out.

A well constructed design can allow for complex installations to be phased in over years, in multiple steps, while not losing the sense of a whole, integral environment in the finished product. A careful plan helps to keep material arriving on schedule hastening completion (and limiting the amount of mud you track in while your yard is torn up!). Most importantly a well accomplished plan can be installed in its entirety or one small discreet bit at a time by anyone capable of reading plain English and using a ruler. You as the client are not beholden to the designer or a single installation contractor for the duration of your project.


Step three - the build

Once a construction project is underway M Gunn Design is at your beck and call. A text message, email, or call is quickly answered, and it’s our goal to resolve any discrepancies or miscommunications as quickly as possible. Often even the best laid out and most carefully communicated plans look different on the ground then they did on paper. Most of the time, actually! It can be really difficult to see that new patio and firepit through all the disruption and mud. Matt will walk you through the construction mess and make sure you understand what is happening and in what amount of time you can expect a completed build.


Step four - post project

Once your project is complete we remain responsive and engaged. If you want plans redrawn to indicate any changes on the ground from the original plan we will gladly do that. Should any issues arise with materials settling poorly or plants not surviving in a given spot (assuming very basic care instructions are followed) we will fix, remove, replant as needed. Lifetime Seacoast residents, we aren’t leaving anytime soon. Heaven forbid we leave a wake of bad work!